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The Commonwealth of Virginia attempts to reach all citizens, regardless of age, income or disability. We constantly evaluate document sizes, load times, and other factors that would prevent computer users without high-speed Internet access from viewing our site. Additionally, we encourage citizens to contact us with any challenges they might have in that regard, and make changes or accommodations, accordingly.  


The commonwealth makes every effort to ensure site accessibility in compliance with W3C specifications. Specifically, this Web site has been designed to ensure handicap accessibility by: 

  • Providing equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content using ALT tags with explanatory information.
  • Providing proper meta tag usage in compliance with the specification so that personalized information can be grouped together and located on this page. By providing appropriate meta tags, we also ensure that the site is easily searchable. Also, title tags appear at the top of the pageto ensure ease of use and readability.  

Customer Comments

If you have questions about this accessibility statement, the practices of this site, or your interaction with this Web site, please contact us.


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